Because it is possible to love luxury and to "make our planet great again"


Who are you?

Trained as a designer and fashion designer(*), I am journalist by trade, after having worked for twenty years as an artistic director. I like the aesthetics, the singularity, the demand and the excellence that define luxury. I like the beauty, the uniqueness, the wonderfulness and the magic of nature. It was obvious to me to gather my areas of interest in a blog.

The graphic charter of the website is inspired by the four elements: the air is present in the title, as a vibration, the topographic lines to figure the earth are used as a background for the menu, which lights up in red on mouse-over to symbolize fire. The curves drawn in the page footer represent water.

Why did you launch a sustainable luxury webmagazine?

Sustainable luxury is a groundswell. Chanel has concluded a fair trade agreement with the Mul family in Pegomas since 1987, to preserve the jasmine culture; after helping South American mines to obtain the Fairmined certification, Chopard uses 100% ethical gold in its jewellery and watch creations since July 2018; in September 2018, Porsche has begun the manufacturing of its full-electric model, which accelerates to 200km/h in under twelve seconds, that has nothing to envy to former models. Several luxury houses have begun the transition for a long time, and have committed themselves with discretion, but they do not communication on the subject

What is the future of sustainable luxury?

It seems that transparency will finally prevail. Millenials, who will become very soon the primary audience, have shifted the lines by developing an acute awareness of the sustainability and a real requirement of visibility, particularly for VIPs.

Who is your target audience?

Millenials and their expectancies have guided my work. But this webmagazine intends to reach anyone who loves luxury and who cares about the future of the planet.

Is it important for a journalist to run a webmagazine, at the same time as a professional activity?

That's very personal and it depends on the journalistic area of expertise that is being worked on. For my part, the page was blank: shortly after I launched the webmagazine, I have been contacted by a student who found on it, the information she needed.

What are your preferred sources of information?

I have many, Response Source is one of them. It seems that I am a compulsive reader of everything that may be read: there is some truth in that, because an interesting topic can sometimes be found in a very unexpected way. In the end, I think that my preferred source of information is to keep my eyes open.

(*) Ecole Boulle, Ecole Estienne, Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne

Interview by Gabrielle de Maleissye (Response Source)

Monday 22 February 2016, 15:15