Organic certified raw chocolate


Richard Turner is a chocolate lover. The raw cocoa having large nutritional qualities, he decides to make chocolate from fairly traded organic raw cocoa.

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Organic cosmetics from Damask rose


LavyzOe is launching a short range of cosmetics from Damask rose and Egyptian jasmine, 100% natural, not tested on animals and issuing from fair trade.

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Beauty products made from fresh organic ingredients


Founded in 1995, Lush makes handmade organic soaps and solid cosmetics and sells them not pre-packed. The company is committed to promote faire trade and to ban animal testing and overwrap.

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Handmade plant accessories, 100% natural


Everything is made from raffia, silk, agava and cotton. Drawn by the fashion designer, the bags are handmade in a women-only workshop in Madagascar and the finish is made in Paris. Each bag is unique.

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Sustainable fashion made from hand spun silk yarn


Silvia Vassão is a Brazilian fashion designer based in New York City who designs silk crochet pieces, handcrafted by artisans in fishing villages in southern Brazil. She is also committed in offering crochet workshops in community of mothers, creating jobs and sustaining the ancient art of crochet.

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