Organic cognac, gin, rhum and whisky with no additives


Vivant makes cognac, gin, rhum and whisky from products organically grown, and produces them without any additives nor inputs.(*)


Ingredients are from local origin and the quality requirement goes beyond the European specifications: everything has to be 100% organic, that is with no pesticides, no herbicides and no fungicides, and each product is sourced, certified and controlled. Manufacturing processes are of comparable rigour: alcohol formulation, ageing and blends are completed with regular and chosen partners.


The organic gin has been elaborated after that a venerable Sichuan pepper plant has been inadvertently discovered nearby and indigenous junipers in the area : the barley is processed into malt in a malting plant of the region for the production of Single Malt and Whisky, Cognac are matured in oak barrels for eight to fifteen years; to make rhums, Vivant uses organic certified and fair sugar: after having being previously informed about the social conditions of production, he signed for future transatlantic sailing supply.


(*) with no colouring, no aromas, no texture improvers, no antioxidants


Photos © Vivant

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Saturday 13 May 2023, 11:33