Natural body care and cleansing products, with zero plastic packaging


Bare Necessities has launched a short range of zero plastic packaging for food, body family care and cleansing products, with packaging plastic free in India. Sahar Mansoor, the foundress, is member of entrepreneurs RED Club & Cartier.


She attempts to live a zero waste lifestyle. Following waste pickers, she witnessed them segregate broken glass, sanitary napkins and needles all with their bare hands. This experience was a cultural eye-opener for her and she wanted to stop being part of the problem. 


This led her to dedicate herself, to both - living a zero-waste life and building a brand that reflects her values. She named it Bare Necessities.


To go further, Bare Necessities has edited a penguin book, in which it explains innovative products and packaging, with the aim of building a scalable model of production and distribution, that has a low environmental impact. 


The business has been named the top five handcrafted brands in India by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


Photos © Bare Necessities

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Friday 26 May 2023, 07:41