Supportive organic cosmetics made with shea butter of Benin


Karethic  offers a range of cosmetics made with shea butter, moringa, baobab and argan tree of Benin. The brand is organic and cruelty free certified and has been approved Supportive Business with Social Value(*) in 2016.

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Organic gin made in Scottland


The Botanist gin is a fully natural gin made from endemic plants from the Inner Hebrides, off Scotland.

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Hand-braided tea flowers and lithography painted with earth-based pigments

Christmas-tea-box-small.jpgFor Christmas, LA.BR offers tea flowers hand-braided by craftsmen in the Yunnan Province of China in a box with an original lithography by Marta Abbott, painted with pigments found in nature. The cases are manufactured in a limited edition.

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Organic cosmetics made from linden in the Dordogne Valley

Til-cosmetiques-small.jpgThree sisters, Dominique, Odile and Sylvie Polette have launched Til, a brand of organic cosmetics made from linden; after four years of research, they have developped a new effective active, products are made by traditional methods and utilize the whole plant, leaves, flowers, branches and buds.

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Handpainted bags made from cactus leather


Araceli Garcia designs handpainted bags from cactus leather: to manufacture her unique pieces, she uses handcrafted techniques of traditionnal manufacturing and technologies of the 21st century.

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Organic vegan jams and sauces made by hand

Delices-Ogresse-small.jpgAfter having worked as an historian and a documentary maker where she travelled extensively in war zones, Ranwa Stephan makes vegan jams, pâtés and sauces by herself, whose receipts come from all over the world.

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Organic cognac, gin, rhum and whisky with no additives


Vivant makes cognac, gin, rhum and whisky made of products from organic farming, and produce with no additives and no inputs.(*)

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