Fresh and custom cosmetics, made from medicinal plants


Everything begins with a biological expertise of the skin, made by a doctor of pharmacy; then, the custom cream is made from natural fresh components. The cosmetics contain no controversial additive.

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Vegan coffee make-up care, in infinitely refillable receptacles


Vincent Honnart, cosmetics and health specialist, has launched a vegan make-up line made from coffee, to incorporate its anti-aging properties. The refillable receptacles are handmade, from cherrywood and brushed aluminium.

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Shoes and boots handcrafted from recycled materials


Andrea Verdura is master shoemaker and handcraftes comfortable shoes and boots from recycled net and cork, leaving no discernible footprint on the environment.

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Eco-friendly perfumed laundry water


If the washing product was becoming a perfume, elaborated by a "nose"? It is the gamble taken by BDK Parfums, while creating an eco-friendly perfumed laundry water, made in France.

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Crackers made from beer bagasse, chestnut, buckwheat or fennel flavoured


The residues from bier manufacturing process are small pieces of cereales(*), that are usually thrown away, even when they contain exceptional nutritional qualities: they are now collected and cooked, to be transformed into flavoured crackers, 100% vegan and natural.

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Natural silk squares, tinted with onion, cabbage or dried flowers


Caroline is tinting silk squares in a jar, filled with natural ingredients, exposed to sunlight. Each silk square is reflecting the weather of the day it was tinted.

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Organic fruit carver, presidency of the French Republic's supplier


Atef Barbouche is carver-artist: he makes organic fruit sculptures for the Palais de l'Elysées (French presidency), for the palaces or for private events. He has taken over the family business and works with his two brothers.

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