Vegan macaroons by Ladurée


Ladurée launches the vegan macaroon without egg whites, butter and cream. It reinterprets its classics with boldness by associating Religieuse, Ispahan and Saint Honoré with lavender, lychee, rose, liquorice, blackcurrant-violet, brandy, anise, mango-jasmine and Java pepper.


Founded in 1862, the maison was originally a bakery, then became a patisserie and tea room. The history of the macaroon begins in the 19th Century and the recipe has not changed. François and David Holder took over the business in 1993 and reinvented Ladurée's classics while preserving the fundamental value of the maison: the greediness.

Eat better, eat less, eat with awareness, as you do good for yourself while protecting the planet's resources. Consume less livestock products and think vegetal, even when it seems impossible, such was the challenge to meet for the macaroon. Several months of research and the commitment of the entire team have led to the development of the macaroon of pure Peru 70% and the caramel coconut macaroon, for which the "Ladurée vegetal butter" had to be invented.

Photos © Ladurée

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Wednesday 22 April 2020, 05:32