Unique clothing custom made from luxury dead stocks


Huguette manufactures unique pieces inspired by the 60s and the 70s from vintage fabrics. Everything is made in the Toulouse region, in the South West of France, by small family studios or in workshops for social integration.

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The Sustainable Fashion Glossary by Condé Nast is accessible to all


Condé Nast launches the Sustainable Fashion Glossary, in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, University of Arts London: this global wordbook is a commun language that will allow to harmonise the actions conducted by the fashion industry in the face of climate emergency.

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Vintage luxury garment, coming from private collections


Mariella is Peruvian. She launched an online shop of luxury vintage garments of more than twenty years, that she selects herself from private collections. Most of the pieces have been worn but not all of them, and they are in a perfect condition.

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Sustainable fashion made from hand spun silk yarn


Silvia Vassão is a Brazilian fashion designer based in New York City who designs silk crochet pieces, handcrafted by artisans in fishing villages in southern Brazil. She is also committed in offering crochet workshops in community of mothers, creating jobs and sustaining the ancient art of crochet.

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Ethical knitwear, 100% made from recycled pieces


Márcia de Carvalho is a French-Brazilian fashion designer and has initially worked for Chloé, Paule Ka, Torrente and Azzaro. In 2008, she launched her own studio, to create garments made from recycled knitwear.

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Gucci invests in first Circular Hub in Italy


Supported by Kering, Gucci launches the first hub for circular luxury and fashion in Italy. The Circular Hub will maximise the use of recycled materials to production optimisation and logistics.

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Nomadic garments made from upcycled fabrics


Nowmade reinvents nomadic garments with style. Fabrics come from dead stocks, each piece is created for optimal comfort and multiple uses, everything is manufactured in the Paris region.

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