Backstage at the Cannes Festival jury dinner with food and ceramics pairing


Every year, Christian Sinicropi chef of the restaurant La Palme d'Or, conceives the jury dinner menu according to the filmography of the chosen president. With his spouse who is ceramist, he creates exclusive and unique dishes to serve it. To show the respect that he has for food, he qualifies it as "notable" instead of "edible" and prevent it from going to waste.

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Organic cognac, gin, rhum and whisky with no additives


Vivant makes cognac, gin, rhum and whisky from products organically grown, and produces them without any additives nor inputs.(*)

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Rare, natural and ethic honeys from Madagascar plant species


Ilanga Nature produces Ecocert-certified honeys in the island of Madagascar. The firm is committed to going with beekeepers and developing long-lasting fair trade partnerships.

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Labeled trappist bier, made by monks


A trappist bier has to be brewed by monks, must bear the name of the abbey, have to be marketed under their supervision to fulfill the needs of the community, the abbey and local charities.

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Michelin-star dessert restaurant in Courchevel


Sarkara is a gastronomic dessert restaurant, which is awarded two Michelin Stars: Sébastien Vauxion creates audaciously contemporary desserts, by giving priority to local producers, depending on seasons.

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100% digital luxury cake shop , which custom makes by order


The Delicatisserie is the 100% digital pastry shop by Nina Métayer, pastry chef who worked with Yannick Alleno or Jean-François Piège. She has opened her own 100% digitized pastry shop where everything is custom made by order, nothing is lost, as part of her commitment to sustainability.

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Gastronomic community kitchen in Le Foyer de la Madeleine in Paris


The Italian Chef Massimo Bottura, founder of Food for Soul, a non-profit association, has opened the Refettorio Paris, in the Foyer de la Madeleine, to offer gastronomic dinners to vulnerable members of the community by transforming surplus ingredients into delicious meals.

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