Labeled trappist bier, made by monks


A trappist bier has to be brewed by monks, must bear the name of the abbey, have to be marketed under their supervision to fulfill the needs of the community, the abbey and local charities.


They are identifiable by carrying the "Authentic Trappist Product" label, and different from abbey biers which bear the name of a sometimes ancient abbey which has never produced bier. Côme Besse and his sister Astrid, co-founders of a monthly trappist bier box, are passionates.


They search and visit themselves the abbeys, one after another. The production methods are detailed on every product. In international rankings, trappist biers regularly figure at the top. A map showing the different locations and a short illustrated guide have been edited to travel and discover the different producing places.


"And it allows us to keep on supporting the abbeys" 

Photos © Divine Box

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