Sustainable luxury huts in Namibia


Omaanda comes from the word "rhinoceros" in Oshiwambo(*), as the lodges are settled in the heart of the Zannier Reserve by N/a’an ku sê, in the savannah North of Windhoek in Namibia. A rhino and elephant's hospital has been built, funded by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.


The architecture of the huts follows the Owambo's tradition, an ethnic group who lives in harmony with the nature and possesses a sober, environmentally-friendly and age-old know-how. Ten huts with private terraces, a restaurant, a bar, a pool and a spa composed the village, surrounded by a wooden palisade, to protect guests.


All huts have been built with local materials and according to local Owambo architecture rules, with piled sandbags covered with chicken mesh and mud. Roofs have been thatched by hand with local straw (breaded). Antics and various wood species compose the interior decor.


In the  9.000-hectare(**) natural reserve, everything has been thought from the very beginning to limit human footprint: use of local rough material, all garbage is collected by a specialized company that recycles it for the lodge, after trash has been sorted, all dirty water is filtered twice to be pumped in to water points for the animals, 70% of energy use is provided by the sun, all electric furniture used are A++ and lamps are equipped of low-consumption led bulbs.


During excursions, information about the life of animals are provided to the guests, to avoid disturbing them. A partnership has been settled with a local NGO called N/A’an ku sê, who are experts in preservation of local endangered species who has created a large anti-poaching unit with experienced armed rangers that constantly make sure no poachers try to penetrate the reserve (24/7 presence).

(*) language spoken in Angola and northern Namibia
(**) 9.000 hectares = 22.000 acres

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