Alternative coloured fashion from upcycled materials


Nothing is gained by manufacturing, one has to upcycle on time: this is Anaïs DW's motto, who founded the brand Les Récupérables and creates limited edition of garments from raw material waste or vintage household linen and does not generate any additional manufacturing.


She buys everything that may be upcycled: falls of fabric from luxury houses, overalls or uniforms, curtains and household linen, in particular printed goods and items with floral motifs. The actual collection is a collaboration with the Maison Martin Morel.


Fabrics are stored and washed in Aubervilliers, and delivered to the cutting and sewing workshops by electric transport: everything is made in France.


The permanent collection is composed of ten timeless design, created by Anaïs DW with the help of a professional modeller. Garments are manufactured by social insertion workshops in Paris, Marseille and Calais.


Pieces are conveyed by electric car for a short time storage, for fashion shows, sales exhibitions and e-commerce, to be delivered all over the world.
Photos of Sarah Tanguy © Lucie Sassiat

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Tuesday 11 December 2018, 10:47