Animal sculptures made of upcycled plastic, collected on the sea shore

gilles-cenazandotti-small.jpgGilles Cenazandotti collects plastic fragments in Corsica since the 90s. He stripped them and makes collages and animal sculptures, that are exposed worldwide.


The nature inspires the plastic artist whose studio is established in his hometown: there, he finds his row material in crevices and interstices in rocks that are difficult to access, where only a major winter storm could dislodge them. Or on the beaches. He organizes the plastic pieces by colours to create collages.


Wild animals are the start point of his sculptures, an emaciated polar bear stand on its hind legs, a red howling lion, two black and red monkeys facing one another, a light blue dog. 


The posture or expression of the animal, the choice of colours, the initial use of each plastic fragment readable in its shape, all details give a message.


Photos © Gilles Cenazandotti

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Friday 9 August 2019, 10:16