Committed luxury at the Sommet du luxe et de la création on June 20, 2019

Centre-du-Luxe-small.jpgJulie El Ghouzzi, director and Jacques Carles, president of the Centre du luxe et de la création, have organized the summit of June 20, 2019 on the "committed luxury, its issues and challenges, and the millennial's relationship with luxury. Two founders, whose business model is based upon ethics, have presented their brand.

Luxury and sustainability have everything in common: everything, except the branding. It seams that, despite itself, sustainability inherited a militant communication, while the DNA of luxury is to distill dreams. Today, they are complementary: luxury needs sustainability to remain beyond reproach and sustainability needs luxury to be attractive.

Millennials have a specific relationship with luxury, different from their elders' one, and are the focus of all attention as they will become the majority public for luxury goods in the next future. And their relationship with luxury is not as clear as it seems.


Round Julie El Ghouzzi, the first roundtable brought together the Managers of Sustainability Florence Bulté for Chalhoub Group, Sandrine Sommer for Guerlain and Géraldine Vallejo for Kering, who  gave their vision of the issues and challenges of their respective groups. Then Philippe Jourdan, associate of Promise Group gave the results of a survey about the millennials search for meaning in the luxury universe. The second roundtable gathered Swaady Martin, founder of Yswara and the fashion designer Sakina M'sa (Front de Mode), Jean-Noël Kapferer, Director of Research, INSEEC School of Business and Economics round Jacques Carles, on the theme of the ethics as business model.

Unifying think tank, the Centre du luxe et de la création unveils and deepens the long-term trend research: annuel event, the Summit is now supplemented by matinees on innovative and focus topics. The Talents du luxe award prizes to the best designers of the year in the luxury goods industry, the Cercle is animating a qualified network, strategic consulting and continuous training for executive and managers complete the range of services.

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Thursday 20 June 2019, 16:31