Eco-responsible and autonomous luxury loft, to settle everywhere


Ôzento builds eco-friendly and energetically self-sufficient lofts within a week: sitting on stilts, they are completely removable, without leaving traces. Raw material are recyclable and the loft exists in several sizes.


Pauline Duloutre, French entrepreneur, comes from the real estate audit sector: she has combined her skills with the Fritsch Durisotti design studio and the parisian firm of architects A.26 to develop the modular loft concept in partnership with partners specialising in the areas of energy and water supply.


The structure is universal: private accommodation, coworking spaces, show-room or voluptuousness of a hotel room in an original surrounding, everything can be imagined. Easy to settle and to be transported, as building components can be put in conteneurs, their  useful life is similar to a traditional house.


The Ôzento loft has been awarded on star by the Observeur du Design in 2019.
Photos © Ôzento

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Thursday 18 June 2020, 07:37