Eco skin-care made from gemstones

gemology-small.jpgGemstones are not only beautiful, but they also contain scientifically based physical and cosmetic properties, due to their safe from urban pollution trace elements, which hydrate, neutralise, calm, revitalize and illuminate the skin of the face and the body.


Chrystelle Lannoy has always been fascinated by precious and semi-precious stones. Once, she discovrered their cosmetic virtues, she decided to combine it with her other passion, eco-responsible beauty: Gemology was born, an exclusive precious stone skin care line.

The sourcing of the stones is rigorous, to purchase the purest gems: opal from Bazil, peridot from the Auvergne region, diamond from Antwerp, ruby from Burma, jade from China and sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Three years of research have been needed, with the assistance of a Doctor of Biology, to develop the trace elements extraction technology and the most natural production process. The protocols of care have been then elaborated.
A new white pearl of Polynesia has been created, to hydrate, smooth and make the skin luminous. Skin care by Gemology are guaranteed without paraben, propylene glycol or alcohol.

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Wednesday 14 March 2018, 18:02