Electrical and standalone air taxi in the airport


Volocopter has been designed to quickly carry passengers from one hub to another, inside the airport, and to get around a city to relieve urban traffic congestion.


The all-electric vehicule takes off vertically: to prove its reliability, several demonstration flights have been performed with passengers. In 2013, it created a buzz by flying over Dubaï without occupants.

To allow air taxi over the city, a hub project has been designed, to be installed on the top floor of buildings: a round platform with white marking allow an accurate landing and a treadmill that transport the vehicule inside the building in order for the passengers to get off safely. Inside the jub, batteries are automatically changed following each transport. The hubs can also be built near train or tramway station, for optimized  interconnections.

Photos and video © Volocopter

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Friday 1 March 2019, 10:29