Elie Chouraqui teaches private courses on theatre at avenue Montaigne in Paris from February 2019


In 2019, the French film director Elie Chouraqui is opening his own Actor's Studio on the avenue Montaigne, to teach himself private courses on theatre for for professionals and amateurs.


Teachers, reknown actors, singers, dancers and choregraphers have been associated to the project, and among them Christian Charmottant, Anne Varin and Lisbeth Gudrun, all passionate about the idea of transmitting their art.


Theatre, movies and musicals will be the basis of the course, with a pedagogy closer to the original works. Whatever the motivation, vocational retraining in continuing education or discovery of the theatrical world, the Studio is open to anyone, amateur or professional.


That everyone can discover his own "feelings library" and know how to use it is the aim of the program, explained by Elie Chouraqui: "To discover our body, muscles, movements, how they are useful for us, the importance of the hands holding when playing, the power of miming, the use of thousands facial expressions, of one's back! The look, the eyes. To discover singing or dance, or both together why not, by practising, by being stage, by performing."
Photos © Teresa Suarez for the Studio de l'Acteur

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Thursday 27 December 2018, 10:28