Ethically-crafted jewel-coins


Vera Vita is a jewel coin, hand-made crafted in 18-carat gold, recycled by European foundries or mined according to the Clean extraction principle endorsed by the Republic of Chad or Gibraltar. A part of its value is donated to "Enfants d’Asie".


Everything begins with the coins, crafted in a Swiss atelier: they are unique and tamper-proof. Each piece is mined according to the Clean extraction principle and is adorned with a unique serial number. They are identifiable and traceable.


They are distributed on an online platform devoted to buying and selling precious metals (gold, silver, metal) traceable and certified. Coins can also be kept in secured safes.


Enfants d'Asie is a French non-governmental organisation who aims to allow disadvantaged children in South East Asia to build themselves a better future and to escape poverty in the long-term.
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