Timeless fashion in wool and mohair, on an island in the Baltic Sea off Denmark


Bornholm, Danish island in the Baltic Sea, is the only one in the world to have obtained the label "World and craft city/region" by the World Craft Council(*). This is where Timmi B. Kromann creates timeless original wool garments.

She purchases the wool in Italy or Scotland, directly from small spinningmills, as Danish wool is not appropriate for knitting: she choses carefully the material, for its purity. 


She compares herself to an artist who creates sculptures, in wool or mohair, for their endless possibilities of beeing transformed or to an interpreter, who enables the raw material to give its best. Pure wool is able to keep itself clean, just by been hanged outside : it does not need to be washed.


She takes inspiration from the Baltic Sea, the nature and the air, both in the literal and figurative senses(**). She observes the beauty of nature and creates a unique garment, which has to be aesthetic, comfortable, well-cut and colored.


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(*) The World Craft Council has been recognized by the Unesco
(**) inspiration and expiration allow for normal respiration, for Timmi the word "inspiration" can be physically and artistically used.

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