Forest bathing and tree hugging in the Orne department


Nicolas Laurain proposes personnalized forest bathings and tree huggings in the Perche (Normandy). Smartphones and telephones are off during the outdoor walks.


It is through genuine dialogue that Nicolas choses the appropriate place of walk, through his deep knowledge of the Bellême forest, the different tree species and properties: oak, ash, hazel, moss, Scot pines, mountain-ash or beech, secrete different phytoncides and essential oils(*), perceived by the human senses.


The forest bathing begins by a silent walk so that everyone can relax by breathing. Then the different senses are stimulated: the different shades of green known as the calming colour for sight, the sounds of the nature for hearing, the pytoncides and essential oils for smell.


Several outdoor experiences are proposed following expectations: blindfolded tree hugging or walk barefoot on a moss carpet, what mattered is to reconnect with oneself.


Nicolas Laurain explains: "It is the forest which "do the job", I am only here to make the link between the people what the forest has to offer."


(*) cf book "Au Bonheur des Arbres", mai 2018, Terre Vivante Collection 
Photos of the trees © David Commenchal-Tourisme 61, photos of Nicolas Laurain © Nicolas Laurain-Florence Delcourt

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