Fresh and custom cosmetics, made from medicinal plants


Everything begins with a biological expertise of the skin, made by a doctor of pharmacy; then, the custom cream is made from natural fresh components. The cosmetics contain no controversial additive.


Once the biological profile of the skin done, the components are chosen according to their properties. The organic actives, all included in the European Pharmacopoeia, are selected between Aloe Vera, Wild Pansy, Calendula, Centella Asiatica, Ginko Biloba, Nigella, Primrose, Fucus Vesiculosus and Camellia. It is possible to chose an natural fragrance to add it to the product during the mixing process. Creams, serums and oils for a same face will not contain the same components, for the day or the night. 


Several years have been necessary to develop the making process of the creams and serums. Natural components are directly sourced without intermediaries, in small quantities, 100% fresh, less than a week after they have been produced. They are cold mixed upon request within ten minutes, and their three-months optimum freshness allows them to take full advantage of their properties. The cosmetics are comedogenes free.


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Wednesday 28 November 2018, 10:52