Gastronomic community kitchen in Le Foyer de la Madeleine in Paris


The Italian Chef Massimo Bottura, founder of Food for Soul, a non-profit association, has opened the Refettorio Paris, in the Foyer de la Madeleine, to offer gastronomic dinners to vulnerable members of the community by transforming surplus ingredients into delicious meals.

The architect Nicola Delon(*) and the designer Ramy Fischler(**) have redesigned the place to transform it into a welcoming restaurant. JR and Prune Nourry have been involved to create installations specifically for the site, and have already asked Afghane Kubra Khademi to collaborate. 

Chefs from Paris, France and around the world have been invited by Massimo Bottura to prepare healthy and delicious meals with surplus ingredients(***). Every night from Monday to Friday, a team of volunteers will welcome guests, mostly refugees, homeless, rough sleepers and people in situations of social vulnerability, and serve them dinner directly at the table. Refettorio Paris aims to serve 100 meals a day using about 130 kg of recovered food.

The opening of Refettorio Paris will coincide with the launch of the French edition of Massimo Bottura’s book ​Le Pain est d'or: Ingrédients ordinaires pour repas extraordinaires​, published by Phaidon(****).
Photo © JR

The Reffetorio Paris by Food For Soul >>

(*) Nicola Delon is founder of "Encore Heureux architectes" (Still Happy Architects)
(**) Ramy Fischler is founder of the agency RF Studio
(***) The surplus ingredients are provided by Carrefour, the Banque Alimentaire and Phenix, a young social entrepreneurship tackling food waste by serving as a link between large supermarkets and various charitable associations. 
(****) The book collects stories, recipes and experiences of more than 50 chefs who joined Refettorio Ambrosiano, the first community kitchen, opened in Milan in 2015. Part of the proceeds from ​Le Pain est d’or will be donated to Food for Soul to create many other community kitchens like Refettorio Paris around the world.


Sunday 2 April 2023, 06:16