Haute-couture flowers made from recycled plastic bags

william-amor-small.jpgThe plastic is a noble material like the others: it is the belief of William Amor, who creates flowers for the Haute-Couture made from recycled plastic bags.

Passionately interested in botany since childhood, he grew up by collecting rare varieties and hybrids: driven by his passion for flowers, he recognized all the species. Trained as a biologist, he first created paper flowers in his free time. He rapidly runs away from the laboratories and turned to art and sustainability.

One day while he was walking in Paris, he stopped in front of a plastic bag which looked like a flower petal: he has discovered his preferred form of artistic expression. Since 2010, he has been creating exquisite flowers, doing experiments with his findings, by adopting the old traditional crafts and the techniques of feather workers, to innovate and find new ways of creating.

William Amor is a member of the Association Contramundo: he has created the flowers of the giant doll called Dunda, which represents a Brazilian fishermen community and has the power of realizing their dreams. Involved in the Fondation franco-britannique de Sillery, he is giving work to disabled persons, whom he trains to arts and crafts, to help them to develop dexterity and acquire the knowledge necessary to create flowers.


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Saturday 2 June 2018, 14:35