Limited edition of Lacoste polo shirts to support Save our Species from May 22nd, 2019


On May 22nd, 2019, for the the International Day for Biological Diversity, Lacoste sells 3520 polo shirts embroidered with a threatened specie to support the association Save our Species. Ten different animals are chosen and the number of shirt correspond to the number of identified living being. 


In 2018, Lacoste has begun to support IUCN, dedicated to the threatened species and wild life protection by funding part of its sales. 


Species and number of polo shirts:
50: the Cebu Damsefly has big blue eyes and striped bodies. It is living in a tiny area in the Philippine archipelago, in one of the last protected forest on the island
90: the addax is a white antelopes living in Chad or Niger. These herbivores get their food and water from local vegetation, they are critically endangered by poaching and rampant oil production
115: the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat is a marsupial may seem rather stout, but can run speeds of 40km/h. Prey to wild dogs, its habitat is now a small area of Northern Queensland
132: the Mountain Chicken is a rare frog eradicated from several islands in the Carribean.L These amphibians are succombing to the dangers from intensive farming and tourism.
150: the Yemeni Mouse-tailed Bat weights 10 grammes but does not find a protected nesting plasce easily, generally under the eaves of houses, because it is harassed by man.
150: the Opal Goodeid is fish which is 5 cm long. While it still exists in the Mexico, the pollution is dangerously threatening it to the point of extinction.
400: the moheli scops owl live in Comoro and symbolize good luck. It is suffering from an ever-deteriorating habitat.
444: the North Atlantic Right Whale is black and is 14 m long. Prized by whalers, hunted almost to the point of extinction, it's currently threatened by antanglement in fishing nets and ships.
589: the Iberian Lynx lives between Spain and Portugal. It is threatened by hunting, disease and declining food sources.
The 1400 polo shirts showing a hawaiian Monk Seal have been sold in one day.


Photos © Lacoste


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Wednesday 22 May 2019, 22:17