Luxury sustainable stopover on an island in Mozambique, with an ocean observatory


Kisawa Sanctuary is a confidential sustainable luxury stopover off Mozambique in an archipelago, which is a National Park since 1971. The island hosts a marine station and ocean observatory, the Barazuto Center for Scientific Studies (BCSS).


Princess of Greece and of Denmark and business woman, Nina Flohr has imagined a village of 22 houses built with a mortar made from sand and salted water and thatched roofs. Everything blends in with the surrounding landscape. 


The furniture are made by local artisans from endemic woods such as jambire or sambiri. The wellness center offers a range of experiences from massages and scrubs, to yogic rituals and meditation.


BCSS’ purpose is to use our strategic location and data  to support environmental management at a local level, facilitate regional collaborations, and contribute to international scientific programs. Natural Park since 1971, which aims to protect dugongs, sea turtles, and its ecosystems.


Photos © Kisawa Sanctuary

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Wednesday 10 May 2023, 06:03