Movie dress from recycled fabrics in a limited edition


Pauline d'Arfeuille is passionated about fashion and vintage clothes: twice a year, she revisits a 20th-century movie mythic dress, that she manufactures in a limited edition: the choice is given between Julia Robert's dress in "Pretty Woman" and Cameron Diaz's dress in "The Mask".


With a decade of experience looking for qualitative and rare vintage items, that she presents like a collection, she decided to reinterprate movie dresses, which was a real challenge, as in the film "The Mask", Cameron Diaz's dress is never seen in totality.


For the brown spot print dress, she purchased rolls of italian white viscose scraps, that she had printed in Italy and bought end-of-series striped fabrics of a previous Balenciaga collection for the black and white dress. All the production is made in a  Parisian workshop, founded by two seamstresses, who have previously worked in the world of luxury and are today specialized in bespoke bridal wear.

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Wednesday 30 January 2019, 10:10