Natural jewelry, made by hand in South Africa


Pichulik creates natural jewellery pieces made of jade, shell, hemp, brass, agate, smooth pebbles or recycled glass, handmade by women crafters to promote job creation in communities around Cape Town (South Africa)


Each collection is inspired by a deep-rooted African tradition: the 2017 collection is refering to West African harvest masks and speaks of new life through the use of spring colours. During the design process, Pichulik uses the materials that they already have, re purpose the base material rope that are off-cuts or overruns from the yachting and climbing industry and all off cuts or by-products on strings of beads are re-purposed to design new items.


When they introduced a line of resort wear in 2015, they committed to using natural and organic pesticide-free fabrics. Most of the garments are made from hand-dyed hemp(*), a fabric that yields more per acre than any other plant and benefits the soil to regenerate it. We encourage customers to return product for refurbishment thus, ensuring a longer life cycle of the designs.


(*) The garments are produced using Hemporuim Hemp Cotton that is organically certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard

Photos © Pichulik

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