Nomadic stand-alone light made of recycling material


It is called luxciole, which is a mix of lux and luciole (firefly in French) and is aptly named: nomadic, stand-alone, cordless, rechargeable, adjustable and fully made of recycling aluminium.

The form is minimalist, the basis is stable, different colours or sizes are available, to adapt them to every atmosphere: indoor or in the garden, on a table or in the cockpit of a boat. It is designed to be used with LED lamps. The brightness range can be changed with fingertip pressure, from chiaroscuro to full clear glare-free light. 


Simultaneously family studio and permanent experimental laboratory, the workshop is located in Lyon, where all the production is manufactured. If a light is damaged, it can be repaired in situ. Made of aluminium, if it is damaged by accident, the material car be 100% recycled into other pieces.


The studio is producing sur-mesure limited editions for particular orders and has already collaborated with luxury brands.


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Saturday 25 March 2023, 08:45