Open-sky geothermal Spa in Iceland

Sky-Lagoon-small.jpgSky Lagoon is located along a lagoon where water is naturally heated: the open-sky bath is offered in the lagoon and the energy needed to heat the building is from renewable origin.


Iceland is situated atop Eurasian and North American tectonic plates: as they shift, heat rises from the Earth’s core, resulting in geothermally heated water that naturally rises to the surface.  This process results in ultra clear water that is packed with minerals.

Built with turf(*) bricks trimmed with a knife from the bog following traditional methods, the place has exceptional insulating qualities completed with the renewable source of energy of the heated water of the lagoon. Of organic shape with a green roof, the architecture  blends perfectly into the landscape.


A 7-step immersive ritual is offered to the guests: slow-down and relax in the warm lagoon, cool down with the cold plunge, relax in the sauna with a view, refresh in a cold fog-mist, application of the signature sea salt body scrub with a massage, steam bath and shower. Drinks can be appreciated while bathing in the lagoon.


(*) The Icelandic turf is a mix of bog and ash from volcanic eruptions in the past.

Photos © Sky Lagoon

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Monday 31 January 2022, 06:37