Organic and eco-friendly craft bier


Bulles de Provence produces organic bier, from high quality cereals and hop. It is brewed with the pure water of the Verdon and the buildings use green technologies.


The company is a family story where Jean-Claude, Anne and their three sons, Olivier, Pierre et Louis have combined their know-how. They have developed recipes that have been tested on an amateur panel and offer two ranges: balanced and less bitter biers for the Tradition  and audacious tastes for the Creation range.


Regarding sustainability, nothing has been left to chance: the buildings are made of wood and the roof is equipped of photovoltaic panels, which allows to save until 50% compared with a classic structure. The brewing process has been optimized to limit water consumption to the necessary minimum: the water of the Verdon is filtered and UV treated, without having to put chlorine or other chemicals. The brewing waste, dregs and hops are recycled into organic food for animals and the sludges from the treatment plant are used as fertilisers for agricultural land. 

Photos © Bulles de Provence

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Monday 8 June 2020, 14:11