Organic vegan jams and sauces made by hand

Delices-Ogresse-small.jpgAfter having worked as an historian and a documentary maker where she travelled extensively in war zones, Ranwa Stephan makes vegan jams, pâtés and sauces by herself, whose receipts come from all over the world.

Cooking has always been an antidepressant for her. In her travels through countries ravaged by conflict, she realised that what helped people be alive was these friendly moments where everyone gathers around a table. She brought back a wide range of flavours and ways to cook from abroad, together with a genuine expertise in the spices.


After testing her receipts with her friends, she started her own business. Orange marmalade with geranium,  Argentinian chimichurri or grenn tomatoe ketchup, she reinterprets the art of cooking of everything that can be spread using all natural, organic and fresh ingredients: sourcing is essential, she knows where each fruit, vegetable, spice, sugar or chocolate come from and has built up a win-win network of local producers.

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Sunday 10 October 2021, 18:34