Private recital by a soprano


Veronica Antonelli is soprano and sings a capella, in churches, gardens and even in American canyons. Ambassador to the Republic of Montmartre, she gives an exclusive and private recital for Valentine, by reservation.

Veronica wears her stage costume regardless the place where the performance takes place; she looks for her tuning fork in her bag, tinkles it to listen to it with both ears and concentrates: the pure and powerful a capella chant rises in the air. Her voice goes into resonance with the stones, the trees and the ground. Speaking about the Saint-Jean de Montmartre church which is built in reinforced concrete with a façade adorned with bricks and ceramics, she says that the wooden floor vibrates and that when she sings here, she prays in the same time.

All her visits go through the Love Wall in Montmartre, where I love you is written in all languages : "Love is the essence of Paris: it has no boundary, no limit and is universal. Here, I sing Carmen, because she is the archetype of the free woman in love, sensual, passionated and emancipated."

Photo et video © Veronica Antonelli

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Veronica Antonelli trained as a singer in Toulouse and then in Athenes, at the Greek National Conservatoire Maria Callas; back to France, she met Claude Nougaro, who invited her in his house in the south of France: listening to her extraordinary voice, he asked her to sing "a capella": « with a voice like yours, you need nothing else». Véronica began to test monuments to feel the vibration of the stones like the Duomo in Syracuse. DJ Harrish invited her to sing in the desert in Arizona (Sezona) and in the Colorado's Grand Canyon near Sedona.

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Wednesday 8 February 2023, 08:02