Abdoulaye Fadiga has opened a responsible private sport club, located avenue Foch in Paris


Abdoulaye Fadiga(*) wanted to share the Champion Spirit(**) that he has learnt through practising Muay thaï: he established a responsible private sport club, located 50 avenue Foch in Paris.

Here, high level athletes who come for training, business leaders, politicians and a few unknown persons  who wish to surpass themselves in a stimulating and caring atmosphere, meet in discreet ways. The coaches are all former champions or professional sportsmen, trained to professional coaching. People play sport at their own level, to achieve their own personal objectives.


The first session began with a physical checkup to know the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the member and ensure a personal monitoring. The 50Foch benefits from medical follow-up by INSEP(***). The equipment is professional, with treadmills that reduce by 93% the joint impact. Several machines run only on the movements of the runner.


No TV on certain equipments: members learn how to breathe, walk, run, whilst being totally in the present moment, connected with their own body. Water bottles at the disposal of members are replaced by antibacterial reusable bottles, water is filtered to avoid waste, there are only seasonal fruits as desired. The number of members is limited.

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(*) Abdoulaye Fadiga has been nine times France Champion of thaï boxing and world champion in 2007 
(**) The club's motto is "Champion Spirit: the spirit that changes your game"
(***) The INSEP is a medical organization dedicated to high level athletes 

Thursday 5 April 2018, 13:37