Second-hand jewelry authenticated with a digital certificate

58-facettes-small.jpg58 Facettes is a marketplace which offers second-hand jewels of creation and high-end jewelry pieces accompanied by a certificate of authenticity secured in the blockchain.


Whether they are vintage, second-hand or signed by a designer, every ring, brooch, earring or pendant is first assessed by a professional before being displayed online. To preserve the existing resources and the jewellery heritage led the two founders to partner with the GoodsID start-up to develop and to issue a unique digital certificate, forgery-proof and non-replicable for each piece.


This digital certificate is dynamic; beyond technical characteristics of the jewel, material, signature and cut, it enriches with supplementary data linked to the events concerning the piece, preservation, cutting, repair, theft report or anonymous transfer of ownership and may also include services like guaranty or insurance.


An event around the jewel of sense and love symbols will take place from March 8th to 12th 2022 at the Galerie Sapir, 18 Passage Molière in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

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Thursday 27 January 2022, 07:02