Sensory escape game for all ages and disabilities


Tactisens offers an escape game with riddles to solve within a measured time, whose solutions appeal to all the five senses. The progress that lasts one and a quarter hours is dedicated for promoting solidarity, team building, confidence and commitment.


Challenges to address alternate time-trial, logical reasoning and adaptability which require sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell, through several environments, with light and sound effects. A special attention has been paid to the playful and unusual story, to raise everyone's disability awareness, through surprising situations.


Facilities and escape game are open to all public, including people with disabilities, and specific challenges are accessible adults and children with impaired vision ; the town of Toulouse and the Toulouse Métropole are partnering with Tactisens in the frame of the yearly week Ville et Handicap (Town and Disability). The escape game respects sanitary protocols dans social distanciation, with technical adjustments and adaptations.


Toulouse is located in the south of France

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Sunday 14 May 2023, 12:55