Six Senses distributes an application against jet lag


Ahead of the well-being and the preservation of the planet, Six Senses distributes an application against jet lag, for a direct booking on its website: guests can instantaneously download it(*).

A generic treatment against jet lag cannot exist. Each traveler and trip is different, requires a personalized approach taking the sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan, and a range of personal preferences into account.


It has been developed with Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Steven Lockley, Ph.D. and based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience; it is used by astronauts, elite athletes and top CEOs to perform at their very best.


The application incorporates a real world "practicality" filter, ensuring that the advice is realistic and easy to follow; there is also a unique Quick Turnaround feature for business travelers who want to be at their best during short business trips that are not long enough to allow full adjustment. A notification system provides simple yet powerful advice, even while in flight. It requires no special equipment.


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(*) Guests who book a stay through, via email or phone will be given a special code in their reservation confirmation so they can unlock a complimentary jet lag plan inside the Timeshifter iOS or Android app.

Wednesday 13 June 2018, 14:37