Sur-mesure recycled gold jewellery, made from ancient pieces


Origine Ateliers produces sur-mesure recycled gold jewellery, made from ancient pieces. They can also transform yellow-gold into pink or white-gold.

The unique pieces are all manufactured in the workshops, located in France, on traditional machines that are no longer existing somewhere else. Ancient, outmoded or broken jewellery are melted to become sur-mesure unique pieces and to relive the initial piece in a different way. The mink ring has been created from a recycled piece of mink, given by a customer whose coat was damaged.


Whatever the color of the gold, the ancient piece is melted into fine gold, by chemical process using acids, that are then recycled by specialist companies. The fine gold can be transformed into yellow, pink or white-gold. If an additional material is needed, Origine Ateliers purchases gold extracted from mines under the control of the international organization of A.R.M or precious stones negociated within the framework of the agreements signed with UNO.


Origine Ateliers works for different prestigious jewellery brands located place Vendôme in Paris.


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Thursday 27 October 2022, 15:43