Sustainability enters the debate at the Luxury and creation Summit


Red thread of the 18th Luxury and Creation Summit, the "creative upheaval" allowed to inventory the far-reaching modifications that force luxury to reinvent itself. Several round tables have shifted the lines and luxury has demonstrated its capacity for resilience and innovation, by opening itself up to sustainability.


After Jacques Carles(1) has opened the Summit, round tables brought to light the disruptive global context where geopolitics has an immidiate impact on trade in luxury goods. Regardless of turbulences, luxury has the ability to reinvent itself, while preserving the ancestral savoir-faire in their territory and adding new techniques.

Millenials, Z and Alpha Generations have an uninhibited relationship with luxury. Innovative strategies need to be elaborated using new technology that reshuffle the cards and deeply change customer relationship. At last, comes an increase in expectations of labour law, respect for the environment and fair trade which constitute the three pillars of sustainability (2).

(1) President and founder of the Centre du luxe et de la création
(2) The three pillars of sustainability, of an equal importance are ecology, social and economy.

Photo © Centre du luxe et de la création

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Saturday 7 March 2020, 05:09