Sustainable coffee made by a Best Craftsman of France

lagrange-small.jpgVincent Ballot is coffee roaster and has been awarded the Best Crafstman of France distinction in 2018. He travels the world in search of the best beans and creates blending as if it were a wine. After having worked with coffee roasters for twenty years, he formalized his knowledge at the Coffee Quality Institute, a sustainable expert curriculum of the coffee sector.


To be able to recognize an exceptional coffee and to analyse flavor profiles and consistency is an industry essential. To be Q Grader certified allows to ensure consistent quality from the bean purchase to the final blend. Producers and buyers share a common language of quality, facilitating access to markets and open up opportunities, as the curriculum is recognized worldwide by professionals.


It is the pleasure of tasting that have guided him in making creative choices. Everything is made in the Marnay manufacture, located in the Haute-Saône department (East of France) : there, raw materials are received, blended, transformed, verified and packed in order to correspond to strict quality standards. Coffee caps are biosourced and industrially compostable, by and independant body.


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Sunday 12 March 2023, 15:11