The blue Rosé of Saint-Tropez commits against plastic pollution


The master wine-growers of the Saint-Tropez peninsula support Plastic Ocean International, by donating money, in order that each bottle sold stops a hundred plastic bottles to reach the oceans.


The blue Rosé is a blending of cinsault and grenache, grown by sustainable practices. The bottle is made from light glass, to limit carbon footprint. Labels are made of recycled paper from cane sugar and flax fiber and caps are 100% recyclable and plastic free. Packaging boards are printed with water-based ink.

The master wine-makers pay a maximum compensation for each exported container, regardless of its final destination. Donations to Plastic Ocean International are based on the number of produced bottles, even if they are still not sold. 

Photos © Maîtres Vignerons de la presqu'île de Saint-Tropez

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Wednesday 1 April 2020, 06:28