The origins of the Earth photographer

OGrunewald-small.jpgOlivier Grünewald has been taking photographs of the original nature for the past thirty years. He explains: "I take pictures as a pretext for immersing myself in the origins of the Earth". 

His photographs do not resemble nothing known until now. He can spend thirty nights, waiting for the blue flames that appear suddenly over a volcano on the island of Java or live several months on on the beaches of French Guiana , to observe and protect the birth of sea turtles, a threatened specie endangered because of intensive poaching.


With his wife who is geographer and writer, he travels the world to to bear witness to the extreme harmony of the primal nature: Australia, the American West, Iceland, Namibia, Madagascar and Indonesia through his eyes, give us a view of the incredible beauty of the origins of the Earth.


Olivier Grünewald's photographs will be displayed on the grills of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris until July 15th, 2018.
Photographs © Olivier Grünewald


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Olivier Grünewald has been awarded Laureate of the Fondation Marcel Bleusten-Blanchet in 1988, nominated four times by the World Press Photo (1995, 2002, 2004 and 2011) and distinguished as Wildlife Photographer of the Year by the Museum of Natural History in London and BBC Wildlife.

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