Universal healthy plant, biologically grown in Kenya


For 5000 years, the plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its outstanding nutritional properties and cosmetic benefits. Born in Cameroun and Kenyan by adoption, Jeanne Ngo Yockbag discovered the Moringa during a journey in India and decided to grow it, in respect of the environment.

The Moringa is a universal plant, which can be used fully: root, stem, leave and fruit. Equipped with its own analytical laboratory, ME® control the whole process of production from seeds to finished products. Tea, herbal and spice recipes, made with rigorously selected ingredients, are designed with the help of nutritionists and alternative medicine practitioners. All the products are certified organic, guaranteed without perfume or artificial additives.


The firm has 400 employes, from rural community Msambweni (Kenya), a region with over 80% unemployment and is actively involved in reforestation. The farms serve as a refuge for many endangered and rare animal species and a beekeeper manages twenty beehives that house more than one million healthy bees, responsible for the plants pollination. 


ME® has already distributed 50,000 Moringa seeds to local community. A training center is currently under construction, where the company plans to pass on its agronomic know-how and is committed in various social and local initiatives, to help underpriviledged and support the most vulnerable, especially women and children.


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(*) To guarantee the quality of its products, ME® is certified by numerous labels: Rainforest Alliance, USDA organic, Canada Organic, JAS IMO, AB Agriculture Biologique and ISO 22000.

Tuesday 3 April 2018, 16:59