Upcycled medal, sold for the benefit of the Goodplanet Foundation


The House of Arthus Bertrand makes medals since 1803. Today, it recycles broken or old-fashioned jewellery in exchange for an engraved and numbered medal, whose benefits will be entirely donated to the Goodplanet Foundation.


The first aim is to upcycle the gold which is no longer worn, to give it a second life and save natural resources. For those who do not have gold available, a version of the medals in upcycled silver will also be offered for sale. 

Camille Toupet, artistic director of the maison has imagined three medal designs: the sea turtle, the pollinating bee and the oak leef. They symbolize the elements Water, Air and Earth which are the three areas of focus of the Foundation. Each client may chose a message which will be engraved at the back of the medal which will be numbered.


The operation is part of the joint desire of the Foundation and the Maison to combine creation and ecology, and to make a concrete gesture to protect our earth. With the Action Carbone Solidaire programme, GoodPlanet supports 25 solidarity and environmental projects in 12 countries. It has enabled the construction of more than 8,000 biogas tanks, the installation of more than 11,200 solar cookers and the construction of 16 dormitories and classrooms, benefiting to more than 170,000 people.

Photos © Maison Arthus Bertrand © Fondation Goodplanet

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Sunday 11 October 2020, 07:34