Vinegar, salt and fruit paste from wild seabuckthorn


The berries are hand-harvested in the Baie de Somme(*) from closed to the public plots, with the approval of the owners and the public authorities. Products are manufactured locally by the pickers.

The seabuckthorn is a thorny shrub which grows in temperate regions: very rich in vitamine C, they are well preserved throughout the manufacturing process. The berries provide exlusively from private plots, on which the trees grow naturally.


For condiments, the pulp of fruit is immersed in the white wine vinegar; the berries are added to the salt, which is purchased to a local producer in Brittany. The fruit pastes are hand-made from seabuckthorn, 100% organic pectin from the Ile-de-France region, sugar and lemon.

(*) The Baie de Somme is located North West of France 

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