Virtuous natural soaps and cosmetics made in France


The ingredients are certified-organic and are not diluted, the product range is short and sold without packaging, the container are made of recycling materials. The pourcentage of each ingredient is clearly listed on the container.

The Savonneries du Cosmydor were founded in 1877 and used to manufacture organic soaps and toilet waters until 1960, when the brand was put on standby. Repurchased in 2015 by an artistic director passionate about naturopathy and inspired by the history of the brand, it is today reborn in respect of its initial philosophy.


One year of research has been necessary to develop the range of products; oil and essential oils are elaborated from organic-farming plants, the methods and manufacturing process are exclusively handmade, including cold pressing and saponification.

Products are sold packaging free, and pots, composed of glass, opaline and aluminium, are plastic free. The priority is given to local production, in order to minimize transportation and to reduce the footprint. The products are organic-certified and 100% biodegradable.


A new soap has been launched for the Tour de France 2018: developed especially for cyclists, it allows to wash the hands with very little water.

Photos © Cosmydor

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Wednesday 12 October 2022, 05:25