Gastronomic lunch up in the sky at the Shangri-La with view of the Eiffel Tower


Dates: May 4th, June 1st, July 11th, September 7th and October 5th, 2018
Location: terrace of the Shangri-La suite, at the 7th floor of the Shangri-La Paris

The gastronomic ephemeral restaurant will open at five unique dates in 2018, on the terrace of the Shangri-La suite of 100 square meters, with view off the Eiffel Tower. Only twenty guests will have the privilege of attending this exclusive and confidential lunch.


The menu will evolve, according to the seasons. The Chef, Christophe Moret, will propose his signature dishes, with a constant concern: all ingredients are sourced from local producers in France, who practice sustainable cultivation methods. 


A four-course meal will be served, along with French wines, selected by the head sommelier Matthias Meynard.
Photos © Shangri-La Paris

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Thursday 3 May 2018, 19:27