Sculpted biodegradable Ruinart's second skin case for magnum bottle, in a limited edition

Ruinart-magnum-second-skin-small.jpgFor the festive season, Ruinart offers twenty magnum bottles of Champagne in a limited and numbered edition, whose second skin packagings have been sculpted by the artist Antonin Anzil. Each piece depicts a part of the historic vineyard that has just been converted to agroforestry.


It took more than two years of research and development for the eco-designed second skin case to be created, made of paper, made of wood from sustainably managed European forests. Nine times lighter than its predecessor, it allows to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging by 60%(*). Its top is curved and oblique, in reference to the art of sabring the champagne. It protects the wine from the light, can withstand the humidity of a cellar or a fridge and up to three hours in an ice bucket. 


Antonin Anzil took inspiration from an aerial photo of the Taissy vineyard on the Reims mountain, engraved the patterns point by point with a drypoint and numbered them by hand: vine rows, hedges and copses emerge in tone on tone on the white of the paper to highlight the biodiversty of the vineyard. Each packaging is unique.

(*)  according to the BEE (Bilan Environnemental des Emballages) and ADEME (Agence de l'environnement et de la maîtrise de l'énergie) methodology

Photos © Ruinart

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Monday 13 December 2021, 06:11