Natural jewelry, made by hand in South Africa


Pichulik creates natural jewellery pieces made of jade, shell, hemp, brass, agate, smooth pebbles or recycled glass, handmade by women crafters to promote job creation in communities around Cape Town (South Africa)

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Upcycled fashion accessories made in France


Bilum is manufacturing luggage, clutch bags and accessories from flags, sails, flexible coated or decorative canvas, life jackets, paper posters or luxury furnishing fabrics and even airbags, that have a history. Everything is made in France.

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Hand woven pendant lamps, made from natural materials


The hand woven pendant lamps are made by refugee artisans in Burkina Faso, from straw, yarn, organic cotton and metal following artisanal skills and techniques in basketry carried out by Tuareg and Fulani Peulh women. Each lamp can take one to two months of manufacture and order are delivered within 3 months.

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Natural silk squares, tinted with onion, cabbage or dried flowers


Caroline is tinting silk squares in a jar, filled with natural ingredients, exposed to sunlight. Each silk square is reflecting the weather of the day it was tinted.

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Vegan skin care and support of the protection of the elephants


Mad Hippie has created a vegan skin care, free of nanoparticles, parabens, PABA, petroleum, oxybenzone, avobenzone and UV chemical absorbers and is giving $1 of every websale to the association Save the Elephants.

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Sustainable alluring light objects


Oblure is the union between the words object and allure: it was born from the desire to preserve the designers feeling for the object in the transformation from sketch to drawing and from drawing to the final product.

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Handbags made of recycled fabric upholstery, in a limited edition


Roze creates vintage spirit hanbags, from recycled upholstery, mixed and matched by contrast. All is made in France.

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