The origins of the Earth photographer (exhibition until April 28th, 2018)


Location: Galerie Argentic, 75005 Paris, France
Event: exhibition of Olivier Grünewald's photos until April 28th, 2018

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Original tea cares, in infinitely refillable porcelain receptacles

chaling-small.jpgEverything starts when Josef and Minguo-Li Margraf buy an old-growth forest in the Yunnan, where the genuine tea tree was growing, to protect it against deforestation. Tea leaves from this particularly pure environment contain powerful regenerating and antioxidant ingredients.

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Vegan unique city bag or evening clutch bag

mapai-small.jpgThere's a whole lot more to life than a straw basket to go to the beach or to the market, there is now the vegan city bag or the evening clutch bag, in unique pieces.

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Eco skin-care made from gemstones

gemology-small.jpgGemstones are not only beautiful, but they also contain scientifically based physical and cosmetic properties, due to their safe from urban pollution trace elements, which hydrate, neutralise, calm, revitalize and illuminate the skin of the face and the body.

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Limited edition of designer's lily made from porcelain, sold in favour of an association


Place: The Cabinet de Porcelaine, 37 rue de Verneuil, Paris 7e
When: from April 1st, 2018

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Creative fair fashion, made from recycled material

rebello-small.jpgEmanuele Bacchin, Daniel Sperandio and Daniel Tocca, born in the South Tyrol(*) have launched a creative fashion fair-collection, designed by Ivana Omazic.

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Ten threatened species embroidered on Lacoste polo shirts made of recyclable cotton


Date : February 28th, 2018
Event : capsule collection of 1775 Lacoste polo shirts, embroidered with threatened species

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